About Us

Vision, Mission and Values


Excellence in all that we do


Achieve leadership in providing financial services in chosen markets through innovation.


Our daily code of conduct is exemplified by eight core values:

Threshold ValuesDifferentiating Values

Four threshold values at the heart of our brand.

  • Team Work

    We function as a team. Within functions, we cooperate. Between functions, we collaborate. Together, we aim for excellence and leadership in our chosen markets.


    Our Team: Our Asset

  • Respect

    We hold our customers, investors and regulators in high esteem.
    We uphold our customers’ rights to demand efficient service.
    We appreciate and respect our profession and, above all, our bank.

    Our Respect: Our Duty

  • Professionalism

    We are proficient and efficient in all that we do.
    We provide banking services knowledgeably and skillfully.
    We uphold regulatory obligations.

    Our Professionalism: Our Competence

  • Integrity

    We are recognised by our reliability, credibility and character. We believe in ethical, honourable, time-proven principles of uprightness. We stand for and abide by honesty, truth and transparency.

    Our Integrity: Our Identity

Four differentiating values at the heart of our brand.

  • Passion

    We bring zeal and enthusiasm for banking to work. We are excited to provide customers with the best or the best-suited.
    We go the extra mile in legitimate, acceptable ways.

    Our Passion: Our Worth

  • Innovation

    We pioneer novel and more efficient ways to deliver solutions. We are dedicated to a culture of improvement and modernisation. We stand for originality, in thought, in action and in belief.

    Our Innovation: Our Strength

  • Responsiveness

    We are receptive to the need for change and improvement. We are proactive and anticipate our customers’ needs and wants. We act quickly to modify, adjust or prepare for new realities.

    Our Responsiveness: Our Distinguisher

  • Compassion

    Our concern for our colleagues, our customers, our communities, and our country sets us apart.
    To each other, we are a family. For each other, we are a meaningful source of shared humanity.

    Our Compassion: Our Gift