Home Finance


Barkat Home Finance based on Diminishing Musharkah

Barkat Home Finance is based on Diminishing Musharkah, where you participate with Barkat Islamic Banking in the joint ownership of your property, where the bank provides a certain amount of financing. You agree to a monthly payment to the bank of which one component is rent for the use of the property and the other is for you to increase your ownership in the home. Once you have made the full payment, which has been agreed upon, you become the sole owner with a free and clear title to the property.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Various product options to suit your need:
    • Home Buyer – Purchase a readymade home of your choice.
    • Home Refinance – Transfer an existing Mortgage to Barkat Islamic Banking.
    • Home Renovation – Give a new look to your existing home.

  • Finance up to 75% of the appraised value of your new home or up to PKR 50 million (whichever is lower)
  • Maximum convenience from 1 up to 20 years
  • Easy to make partial prepayments
  • Minimal documentation & processing fee
  • Quick processing time
  • Property takaful coverage
  • Accidental death takaful coverage

For more information, please call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06, or visit your nearest Faysal Barkat Islamic Banking branch.