UnionPay Debit Card

The all-new way to pay!

Barkat UnionPay Debit Card, an all-purpose Shariah compliant card offering you unparalleled benefits on-the-go. Whether you shop, dine or travel, this card is designed to give you convenience and ease of payment with security. Moreover, it enables you with the following benefits:

Global Acceptability

Barkat UnionPay Debit Card is accepted at over 1.7 million ATMs and more than 5 million Point of Sale (POS) locations in over 125 countries wherever the UnionPay logo is displayed. Furthermore, you can access your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card at more than 9,000 POS locations including 4,500 and ATMs nationwide. Your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card can also be used at any merchant location within Pakistan wherever the and logos are displayed.

A Safe and Secure Way to Spend

Barkat UnionPay Debit Card is a secure substitute for carrying cash wherever you go and whenever you need it.

Expense Management

Your bank statement enables you to check the status of your account and manage your expenses easily. You can clearly see itemised details of all transactions conducted at POS locations and ATMs using your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card.

Funds Transfer

With your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card, experience the comfort and convenience of transferring funds between any two Barkat accounts or from a Barkat account to 1 Link member bank accounts through any Faysal Bank ATM.

Foreign Transactions

If you are travelling internationally, no more worries. Through your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card, all your foreign transactions will be converted from the transaction currency to US Dollars which will then be converted to Pak Rupees, on the exchange rate that will be applicable on that day.

Utility Bill Payments

With Barkat UnionPay Debit Card, you can make quick and easy Utility Bill Payments by accessing any Faysal Bank ATM, including electricity (KESC and LESCO), gas (SSGC and SNGPL) along with prepaid and postpaid cellular connections (Warid, Telenor, and Ufone).

Shopping Convenience

No need to waste time standing in queues at the ATM for cash. Simply use your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card for all your spending requirements from fuel and travelling to shopping and emergencies. Furthermore, avail a variety of discounts at selected outlets nationwide and enjoy the shopping experience.

Dining Privileges

The next time you want to dine out with family or friends, pay your bill with your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card. More so, your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card comes with exciting discounts and deals at your favourite restaurants across Pakistan.

Cash Deposits

Deposit cash in your Barkat account 24/7 at your convenience with your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card available at selected Faysal Bank ATMs.

Cash Withdrawals from ATMs round-the-clock

Need to withdraw cash? Look no further. You can easily withdraw it round the clock using your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card from any ATM carrying the and logo in Pakistan or from any ATM carrying the UnionPay logo internationally.

24-Hours Customer Service

Our Phone Banking Officers await to assist and support you 24/7. Whether to resolve a complaint, report a lost or stolen card or simply activate your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card, we are at your service at all times.

Up to Three Supplementary Cards

Your Barkat UnionPay Debit Card also gives you the facility of availing up to Three Supplementary Cards for your loved ones. This will allow the Supplementary Cardholders to conduct financial transactions independently within the limits of primary card account.

For more information, please call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06, or visit your nearest Barkat Islamic Banking branch