Faysal Khushaal Kisan

Offers specialized products for the agricultural sector. All Faysal Bank branches located in agricultural areas of Pakistan are equipped to help local farmers improve yield and methods of farming by offering timely and affordable financing for all purposes detailed in SBP’s list of eligible items for Agricultural Loans.

Faysal Khushaal Kisan Scheme offers

Production Loans to meet

  • Cost of agri inputs (seed, fertilizer, pesticides etc.), cost of diesel, labor, storage, transportation and other working capital requirements of crop farming, orchards, nurseries, vegetable farming, floriculture etc.

Development Loans to finance

  • Farm Power (tractors, combine harvesters, threshers, alternate energy installations including solar energy plant etc.)
  • Farm Machineryand Equipment (ploughs, cultivators, laser levelers, processing machinery, tunnel structures etc.)
  • Farm Transport (pickup, trailers, mini trucks etc.)
  • Farm Irrigation(installation of tube-wells, turbines, power lines, transformers, sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, lining or alignment of water channels etc.)
  • Land Improvement (land leveling, clearance of jungle and land reclamation of land etc.)
  • Godowns, Silos and Cold Storage (cost of construction, machinery and working capital requirements)
  • Seed Processing Units (working capital requirements) etc.

Financing to meet needs of

  • Dairy Farms (cost of sheds, milking animals, feed, medicine and other working capital requirements)
  • Livestock Farms and Feed Units (cost of animals sheds, animals feed, medicine and other working capital requirements)
  • Poultry Farms and Feed Units (cost of poultry sheds, machinery, equipment, chicks, feed, medicine and other working capital requirements.
  • Fish Farms (cost of fish ponds, tube-wells, fish seed, feed and other working capital requirements).

General Terms & Conditions

  • Limit of Finance is determined on the basis of actual business needs and available collateral.
  • Tenors of repayment are flexible depending upon nature of business generally between one to five years.
  • Pricing is in the range of 6MK+3.5% to 5.5% p.a. and its recovery is linked with revenue cycle of the customers alongwith a nominal processing fee in the range of Rs. 500/- to Rs. 13,000/- depending on size of finance

Securities / Collateral required

Any one or a combination of the following may be placed as security against financing secured

  • Charge on agricultural land through Agricultural Pass Book
  • Registered / Equitable Mortgage of residential / commercial / industrial property located in rural or urban areas
  • Liquid Assets such government securities, national saving certificates, bank deposits, certificates of deposit or investment, bank guarantees subject to conditions laid down in SBP’s Prudential Regulations for Agricultural Financing
  • Registration papers of tractors, trucks and other vehicles
  • Hypothecation of livestock, machinery and other moveable assets, charge on book debts / receivables and personal sureties in combination of any one of the above securities.

Documents Required

  • SBP Prescribed Application Form accompanied by 2 recent passport sized photographs and attested copy of computerized national identity card (CNIC) of applicant and guarantors (where applicable)
  • Updated Zari Pass Book or title documents of other properties offered as security alongwith valuation certificate and other relevant documents on case to case basis
  • Naqal Khasra Girdawari (for Farm Credit)
  • Three cost estimates (quotations) for machinery or equipment to be financed (for tractors one quotation of approved dealer)
  • Feasibility report (in case of project financing) ties

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