Consumer Durables

Har Khawish Possible! Now you can make your dreams come true with Faysal Personal Installment Loan- Consumer Durables.

PIL – Consumer Durables is a limit based financing facility that is comprehensive, affordable and hassle free that allows customer to purchase durable products e.g. Home Appliances, Generators, Solar Panels, Home Refurbishments.

Features & Benefits:

Enjoy the following benefits on Faysal Personal Installment Loan- Consumer Durables:

Loan Size PKR 50,000 to PKR 2,000,000 subject to income and DBR
Processing Fee: Rs. 3,000
Fee PKR 3,000
Tenure 12 months to 60 months
Pricing* Floating option, Markup rate will vary on deal to deal basis
Payment Option 5% prepayment will be charged on the of the remaining principal amount
0% Prepayment penalty option Mark up + 1% of the applicable mark up if this option is selected on application
Product Delivery Delivery within 15 working days of the loan approval

*The pricing will be linked to 1 year KIBOR and will be renewed annually.

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Faysal Personal Installment Loan – Consumer Durables : The power is yours with Hyundai Generators, click here!

To apply for Faysal Personal Installment Loan or further information, please call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06.