Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy this product?

  • Account Holder of Faysal Bank Limited
  • Anyone between 18 to 60 years of age nearest birthday is eligible for cover under this plan
  • Maximum cover age is 60 years

What is the Policy Term?

It is a lifetime plan till you reach the age of 60 years, subject to renewal.

How will I pay the premium every year?

Your premium shall be deducted every year automatically by the bank from your advised account

What is the Role of Faysal Bank Limited?

Faysal Bank Limited is acting as an agent/distributor of the product on behalf of the insurance company.

Who is the underwriter of Family Assurance Plan?

The product is underwritten by Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited, regulated by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Am I covered under all circumstances?

Yes, you are covered under all circumstances except the following:
Pre-existing Conditions
General Limitations & Exclusions

How will I get the guaranteed benefit of 30% of the annual premium?

The guaranteed amount will be credited into your account at Faysal Bank.

How can I cancel the policy?

Submit a written cancellation request along with the original Family Assurance Plan Document to the nearest branch. Premium will only be refunded if the request has been submitted within 15 days of the premium deduction.

Who is liable to settle the claim and who should be contacted?

Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited is legally liable to settle the claims, in this regard please contact Jubilee Life on UAN: 111-111-554 (111-111-JLI)

The company, upon receipt of notice of claim will furnish the claims forms to the Beneficiary / Nominee of the customer to be submitted for claim processing.