Faysal Bank Unveils New Logo

Faysal Bank Unveils New Logo – Tuesday, April 07, 2009

KarachiFaysal Bank has unveiled a new look this month and the well known Faysal Bank Octogram has undergone a change. This reflects its objectives to be more customer centric, cost efficient and proactive, elements necessary for the long term growth of any bank.

The re-branding has retained its original colours of blue and grey and has also retained the eight sided star shaped logo (octogram), as all three elements denote what the bank stands for – integrity, respect and professionalism. The octogram has positive connotations of growth and reliability in almost all cultures of the world and is already recognized widely as identifying Faysal Bank.

The refreshed look has been applied through changing the visual within the octogram to read Faysal in order to bring more relevance to the logo; the typeface in which the bank’s name is written, to give it a more modern day look and the new logo is accompanied by a script design on branch signages and other marketing collateral which is derived from the Urdu script inside the octogram. This script design denotes the responsiveness of the bank and its innovative character.

With a new strategic direction in place, the year 2009 is a year of growth and consolidation at Faysal Bank. It is a year to reassess the banks strategic position in light of the changed economic conditions and opportunities these offer. The initiatives undertaken during 2008 were rungs on the ladder that would augment and facilitate Faysal Bank’s move towards its Vision of Excellence.

Faysal Bank has been operating in Pakistan since 1987 and is listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The bank has approximately 2000 employees, a branch network of 129 branches, 2 sub-branches, one sales and service centre and an ATM network of 93, in 38 cities across Pakistan. Faysal Bank’s strength is validated by its credit rating of AA (Double A) for long term and A1+ (A1 plus) for the short term assigned to it by both by PACRA and JCR VIS.