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Faysal Mahfooz Sarmaya

To provide convenience and value to customers with foreign currency related needs, Faysal Bank’s Mahfooz Sarmaya foreign currency account offers you many attractive features.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Account can be opened in US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro currency
  • Minimum balance equivalent to Rs. 50,000/ is required.
  • You can open Mahfooz Sarmaya Account in any of the following account types:

Current Account

  • No restriction on number and frequency of withdrawals.

Savings Account

  • Profit is calculated on monthly minimum balance.
  • Profit is paid on six monthly basis.
  • Profit is subject to withholding tax.

Term Deposit

  • Tenures from 7 days to 1 year
  • Annual,monthly,quarterly and six monthly profit payment option available.
  • Profit is subject to withholding tax.

Service charges apply as per the Bank’s prevailing Schedule of Charges.

Latest rate sheet 01-January-2017

Note: Govt. taxes, and regulatory conditions (including FE25 regulations) are applicable as per government regulations

*Terms & Conditions apply