Faysal PayPak Debit Card

The Faysal PayPak Debit Card is a Domestic Payment Scheme which will only be used within Pakistan and will offer the benefit of low cost, ease of affordability solution to ordinary citizens. With Faysal PayPak Debit Card you can do ATM transactions and also retail/purchase transactions anywhere within Pakistan. Faysal PayPak Debit Card is a secured PIN based card while using for purchase transactions to ensure security.

Product Description

PayPak is Domestic Payment Scheme owned and operated by 1LINK Guarantee Ltd duly approved by State Bank of Pakistan. PayPak is a local payment debit card which will be used for local transactions within Pakistan only. PayPak will have an added benefit of PIN based transactions, where fraud risk will be minimized.


Low cost effective
Ease of affordability solution to ordinary citizens
Secured transaction-PIN based

Target Customer Segments

All FBL customers but mainly Payroll accounts / BBA / Asaan account

Eligibility Criteria

All FBL customers, individual or joint account holders who need Debit card for their local ATM withdrawals & local purchases only can apply for a Paypak debit card.


ATM Cash withdrawal
POS transaction
Internal Funds transfer
Bill Payment
Balance Inquiry

Daily Limits on ATM & POS


POS Transactions

IBFT / Internal Funds Transfer

Rs.25,000/- Rs.50,000/- Rs.250,000/-


Frequently Asked Questions