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All Rounder

Faysal Bank Limited in association with EFU General Insurance Ltd brings you a packaged insurance product i.e.

All Rounder

Under this plan, loss or damage to the contents and valuables specifically, household goods and personal possessions are covered. Further, it also provides unmatched coverage for Cash & Jewelry, Personal documents, Personal Accident and Third Party Liability.

What is Faysal aikFaisla – All Rounder?

This plan provides coverage in case of loss or damage to home structure, home contents and valuables up to 2.2M or 2.4M due to any unforeseen circumstances.

What are the individual covers offered in the All Rounder?

1. Home structure as well as its contents and valuables:

Damage to the structure of your home or virtually any of its contents and valuables (excluding cash, jewellery and mobile phones).

2. Cash and jewelry:

Loss of cash and jewellery in the house or in your possession while you are travelling (covers your spouse as well).

3. Personal accident:

Covers you against accidental death and disability

4. Personal documents:

Covers the replacement costs incurred due to loss or theft of personal documents issued by the Government of Pakistan (i.e. NIC/Passport/Driving License)

All Rounder also provides Third Party Liability Insurance as an ADD ON Feature.

You can avail the following exclusive coverages:

Coverage Description

Plan A

Plan B

Home Structure 2,000,000 2,000,000
Home Contents and Valuables 100,000 100,000
Cash and Jewelry 50,000 50,000
Personal Accident 150,000
Third Party Liability (Free) 100,000 100,000
Personal Documents 1,500
Total 2,250,000 2,401,500
Yearly Premium 5,800 8,000

The above taxes are inclusive of all applicable Government taxes and levies i.e. 16%Sales Tax on Services (SST), 1% Federal Insurance Fees (FIF), 5% Admin Surcharge and PKR 20 Stamp Duty. Any change in the taxes will affect the premium accordingly.

What sort of damages is my home insured against?

    The policy covers any damage to the house and its contents and valuables occurring due to:

  • Fire, explosion (including explosion of domestic appliances i.e. stoves), Lightning, Thunderbolt, Earthquake.
  • Riot, Strike, labor disturbances and malicious act (burglary, theft etc.)
  • Aircraft and other aerial devices or other droppings (as well as falling trees)
  • Bursting and over-flowing of underground water or sewerage pipes
  • Flood, typhoon.

What will not be covered in the house, against this policy?

The house and contents will not be covered against wear and tear and/or burglary/theft by servants and/or a house member.

How can I get enrolled for this cover?

You shall receive a call from Faysal Bank Business Development Unit (BDU) for an enrollment and you will be enrolled upon receipt of your acceptance or you can call our helpline i.e. 111 06 06 06

How will I get confirmation of my enrollment?

Upon deduction of premium from your account, your bank statement will serve as a proof of your enrollment and you will receive your policy documents and a confirmation letter from EFU General Insurance – Central Division.

Who is EFU General Insurance – Central Division?

EFU General Insurance is the underwriter of this policy and Central Division is the branch office of EFU General Insurance that will service your queries and claims.
Address: 1st Floor, Kashif Center, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.

Can this policy be bought directly from EFU?

This product has been designed especially for Faysal Bank customers and can only be availed through Faysal Bank at the stated price and coverage.

What should I do in case of a claim?

You simply need to notify EFU General Insurance – Central Division within 30 days of the incident:
Phone: 021-35640535 or 35653907-9
Email : [email protected]

EFU’s Central Division will further guide you regarding the documents necessary to process the claim.

How long does claim settlement take?

Upon intimating EFU General Insurance – Central Division and providing the required claim information and documents, your claim shall be settled within 30 days as per the terms and conditions of Faysal aikFaisla – All Rounder.

How will I receive my claim amount?

Your claim will be paid through a cheque by EFU General Insurance -Central Division. You will be asked to collect the cheque from them.

What is free look-in period?

Free look-in period is a 15 days grace time after receiving the policy documents during which you can understand the terms and conditions of Faysal aikFaisla – All Rounder plan and develop your suitability in continuing this insurance policy.

What is the procedure in case I want to cancel Policy?

You may either call Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06 or provide a written cancellation notice by visiting any Faysal Bank branch. Premium will only be refunded if the request has been submitted within 15 days (free look-in period) after receiving the policy document provided that there is no claim.

Will I be refunded the premium if I cancel the policy after free look in period?

No premium will be refunded after the free look-in period

Whom should I contact if I require more information regarding this Policy?

You can either contact your Relationship Manager, call our Customer Interaction Centre at
111 06 06 06 or contact EFU General at 021-3-5640535, 5640534, 5653907-9.


  • Faysal Bank Limited (“Bank”) is acting as a distributor of the Insurance Policy on behalf of the EFU General Insurance Limited (“Insurance Company”) and shall not be held responsible/liable in any manner whatsoever to any person, including, but not limited to the Insured customer or any third party.
  • The Insured Customer statement of account/application form or recorded verbal statement will act as his/her enrollment under the program and will be given the determination of the rightful beneficiary under this Insurance Coverage.
  • It is clarified that the Bank shall not, under any circumstances, be liable either directly or indirectly for any obligation of the Insurance Company as the Insurer. The Bank is only acting as an agent in providing this facility and cannot be held responsible for settling claims emanating from this Scheme or for the approval or rejection of any claim or for any act or omission on part of the Insurer.
  • Further, the Bank shall not be construed or deemed in any manner to be the agent or broker of the Insurance Company in respect of any other policy.
  • In addition, the Bank shall not be either directly or indirectly liable for any obligation of the Insured Customer towards the Insurance Company in respect of the business or any policy offered to the Insured Customer. These policies shall constitute as independent contract between the Insurance Company and the Insured Customer.

In case of further queries please feel free to email us at [email protected]