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How often do you get sick? Can you predict the timing of your illness? It’s easy to get sick but does your pocket allow you to bear such unexpected medical expenses? We might save for a dream vacation, a dream car or a child’s dream. But seldom do we set aside a portion of our savings for any ailment. Yet, despite our best efforts, illnesses do occur. With the ever increasing cost of health care, these unforeseen circumstances can take a toll on our savings.

Faysal aik Faisla Health Plan in association with Allianz EFU has been specially designed to provide you and your family financial protection in case of an illness or accident that leads to hospitalization. With a simple and a convenient cashless process along with a vast network of carefully selected hospitals, rest assured, you and your family will receive the most appropriate treatment.

Some of the salient features of the product include:

Hospitalization Benefit

The policy pays for expenses incurred on hospitalization due to Accident and Sickness. The covered In-Patient hospitalization expenses include:

  • Room and Board charges
  • Nursing Care during hospitalization
  • ICU and Operation Theater Charges
  • Physician, Surgeon and Anesthetists Fees
  • Diagnosis, Treatment and Medicine Expenses during Hospitalization
  • Oxygen and Blood Supplies

Pre-Hospitalization Benefit

The policy covers cost of consultation fee, prescribed medicines and lab tests which, within thirty (30) days, leads to hospitalization that is covered under the policy. This benefit is payable on reimbursement.

Post-Hospitalization Benefit

The policy also covers cost of consultation fee, prescribed medicines and lab tests, which results within thirty (30) days as a consequence of covered hospitalization. This benefit is payable on reimbursement.

Family Enrollment

This policy can include children at least three (03) Months and Spouse up to the age of 60 years. However, parents can be enrolled under the policy up to the age of 69 years. Age will be calculated on Age Next Birthday basis. Separate premiums will be charged for every family member and they will be entitled to an independent annual limit along with the benefit levels similar to the main policy holder.

Credit Facility (Cashless Cover)

One of the most important features of the policy is credit facility for medical treatment. At the 170 network hospitals nationwide, the insured member does not have to pay for the covered treatment (up to available limits).

Reimbursement Facility

In case an insured member utilizes a non-network hospital for the covered treatment, he/she can submit the claims for reimbursement along with the supporting documents and other necessary details to Allianz EFU. Allianz EFU will reimburse the reasonable and customary charges that would have been incurred at a comparable Network for similar treatmen, upto the available annual limit, in fifteen (15) working days.

Day Care Procedures

Apart from In-patient hospitalization, the policy also covers Day Care procedures. Day care procedures are medically necessary treatment/surgical procedures that require the patient to occupy a hospital bed but does not require an overnight stay, such as, Cataract, Angiography, Endoscopies, Dialysis, etc.

Specialized Investigation

The policy provides coverage for three (03) expensive out-patient tests even if it does not follow hospitalization. These tests include MRI, CT Scan and Thallium Scan.

Emergency International Coverage

This is one of the unique features of the policy that it provides emergency international coverage on reimbursement.
Claim reimbursement will be in accordance with the treatment cost in Pakistan.

Hassle-free Enrollment Process

No medical documents/medical tests are required to avail this policy.

No Claim Bonus

In case there is NO claim on a policy for two consecutive policy years, Bonus Annual Limit equal to 10% of the basic Annual Limit will be awarded to each Insured Member with effect from the following policy year, free of charge. This increase in cover would provide additional coverage and help meet medical inflation. The limit enhancement, however, would not apply to individuals aged 55 years and above.

The following chart gives you the benefit limits:

* The maximum Lifetime Benefit is PKR 1,000,000

Miscellaneous Expenses:

Besides the above, some of the other benefits include:

  • Local Ambulance Cover
  • Emergency Evacuation Cover
  • Emergency Accidental Out-Patient (within 48 hours of an accident)
  • Emergency Accidental Dental Treatment (for Pain Relief within 48 hours of an accident)


The following premium rates are applicable depending on the age of the customer or customer’s immediate family and type of plan selected*

* Age will be calculated on Age Next Birthday basis


  • The above rates are inclusive of Govt. Taxes
  • Please add Rs.750/- as Policy Admin Fee & Stamp Duty (Non-refundable)
  • The above rates are subject to change without prior notice

In case of further queries please feel free to email us at [email protected]

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