Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability: Better Today Better Tomorrow

Faysal Bank's CSR Initiatives

Faysal Bank strongly believes in giving back to the community in every best possible way for its sustainability. Collectively, we have to put in cohesive efforts so that the ommunity around us becomes strong enough to see many generations after us benefiting from it.

In alignment with Faysal Bank’s new Islamic identity, it has embarked on a holistic strategy under the guidance of the Board which aligns the bank’s vision to evolve its Corporate Social Responsibility strategically in resonance with its Islamic values and mission. Thus, all CSR activities carried out by the bank are in furtherance of Islamic values. It also endeavours to ensure that the benefit of these CSR activities reach to the societies/geographies where it provides banking services.

Faysal Bank’s CSR mission is "to establish, operate and/or assist any non-profit institution for charitable purposes, including relief to poor, education, environment, medical relief and advancement of any general utility".

To achieve this mission, Faysal Bank undertakes the following activities:

  • a) Work towards furtherance of medical care, establishment and/or assistance to medical clinics, providing healthcare to the handicapped, and creation of rehabilitation programs.
  • b) Assisting hospitals and institutions already engaged in such endeavours.
  • c) Assisting in education and skill development of deserving students both within and outside of Pakistan.
  • d) Providing relief to the poor by helping them educate their children and/or improving their earning levels.
  • e) Assisting in improving the environment by implementing ‘Go Green’ initiatives and supporting organizations involved in such activities.

Our CSR Focus



Faysal Bank believes that education is the main driver of growth for a country’s progress. It, therefore, consistently assists in the education of under-privileged and deserving students within and outside Pakistan. With its new Islamic positioning, it is focusing ...

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Faysal Bank aims to provide quality healthcare facilities to the underprivileged and marginalized segments of the society. Therefore, it is actively contributing towards the improvement of the health sector, ensuring that the masses benefit from its contribution.

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With the emphasis on the “Go Green” policy regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan, Faysal Bank has developed a Green-investment initiative called “Come Grow With Us”, that aims to create a healthier and greener environment for the people of Pakistan.

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