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How do I buy Faysal aikFaisla Health Plan?

You shall receive a call from Faysal bank Business Development Unit (BDU) for enrollment and you will be enrolled upon your acceptance. No medical examination is required.

What is the Waiting Period for policy activation?

In the first policy year, coverage would be effective after fifteen (15) days once the policy has been issued and has been delivered to the Main Insured Member, except for Accidental Emergencies which will be covered from the effective date of the policy.

What are the advantages of a Network Hospital?

Allianz EFU has developed a network of over 170 carefully selected hospitals nationwide. You can download a complete list of Network Hospitals from their website www.allianzefu.com.

In case of hospitalization, you can choose any of the Network Hospitals for your treatment without having to pay out of pocket. You can avail the credit facility by a simple pre-authorization procedure and Allianz EFU will settle the bill directly with the hospital, as per your entitlement.

Can I be treated at a Non-Network hospital?

Yes! But the initial treatment expenses will be borne by you. Allianz EFU will reimburse these expenses on submission of the original bills, subject to reasonable charges that would have been incurred at a comparable network hospital for a similar treatment.

Can I cover my family members?

Yes, you can include your children (Above 3 months old), spouse (up to age 60) and parents (up to age 69) in your policy.

Is Pre-Existing medical condition covered?

Pre-existing medical condition means any sickness, disease or injury or any symptom related to such sickness, disease or injury which has been diagnosed, treated or is under treatment or has been known, even if no medical advice or treatment was sought, before the effective date of this insurance.

Pre-existing conditions, if any, must be disclosed by the insured member at the time of enrollment. Any treatments due to pre-existing condition are not covered under this policy.

Can anyone enroll in this Plan?

The policy is not available to people suffering from Cancer, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or any pre existing condition.

What is Free Look In Period?

Free Look In period is a 14 days grace time after receiving the policy documents during which you can understand the terms and conditions of Faysal aikFaisla – Health Plan and develop your suitability in continuing the plan.

Will I be refunded the premium if I cancel the policy after Free Look In period?

No premium will be refunded after the Free Look In period is over.

In how many days will I receive the policy documents?

Your policy documents along with your Health card will be dispatched to you within 10 working days once the account has been debited.

What is the procedure in case I want to cancel Faysal aikFaisla – Health Plan?

You may either call Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06 or provide a written cancellation notice by visiting any Faysal Bank branch. Premium will only be refunded if the request has been submitted within 14 days (free look-in period) after receiving the policy document provided that there is no claim.

Who is Allianz EFU?

Allianz EFU, a joint venture between Allianz SE, Germany and EFU Group, is the underwriter of this Policy. It is the first and the only specialized Health Insurance Company in Pakistan.
Address: D-136, Block-4 KDA Scheme-5, Clifton Karachi-75600, Pakistan
Call Centre – 021-111-HELP-00 | 021- 4357-00

Are there any Exceptions?

Expenses arising from or related to Pre-existing condition, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Cosmetic treatment, Infertility, Congenital Birth defects, Self-Inflicted Injury, War, Invasion, etc are not covered.


1. Faysal Bank Limited (”Bank”) is acting as a distributor of the Insurance Policy on behalf of the Allianz EFU (“Insurance Company”) and shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever to any person, including, but not limited to the Insured customer or any third party

2. The Insured Customer statement of account / application form or recorded verbal statement will act as his / her enrollment under the program (if his / her account is charged under the program) and will govern the determination of the rightful beneficiary under this Insurance Coverage

3. It is clarified that the Bank shall not, under any circumstances, be liable either directly or indirectly for any obligation of the Insurance Company as the Insurer.

4. Further, the Bank shall not be construed or deemed in any manner to be the agent or broker of the Insurance Company in respect of any other policy.

5. In addition, the Bank shall not be either directly or indirectly liable for any obligation of the Insured Customer towards the Insurance Company in respect of the business or any policy offered to the Insured Customer. These policies shall constitute as independent contracts between the Insurance Company and the Insured Customer.

6. This product brochure only gives a general outline and introduction of the benefits available under the policy. For exact Terms & Conditions, please refer to the policy documents.


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