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Faysal Islami is familiar with the preciousness of your valuables. In order to safeguard your valuables and to assure serenity Faysal Islami is providing facility of safety deposit lockers at selected Faysal Islami branches nationwide. For Islamic Branches Locker list, please click here

Individuals are required to maintain an Islamic Current or Savings account at Faysal Islamic branch in order to apply for a Locker.

Types of Lockers

  • Small Locker
  • Medium Locker
  • Large Locker
  • Extra Larger Locker

Safe Deposit Lockers Annual Rent

Locker Size Annual Rent
Small Rs. 4,000/-
Medium Rs. 5,500/-
Large Rs. 7,500/-
Extra Large Rs. 12,000/-
Key Charges: Rs. 3500/- per locker (Equivalent in FCY for FCY account lockers)
Breaking Charges: Rs. 5000/- plus Vendor/ Supplier’s actual charges
Charity Amount (late payment) Rs. 1,000/- for small and medium & Rs. 1,500/- for large & extra large

 Rent Free Lockers against Security Margin

Customers can avail waived locker rental amount, if the customer maintains a margin limit as mentioned below in Margin Islamic account throughout the year.

Key Product Features are:

  • Waived locker rental
  • Available in PKR & FCY Margins
  • Available for Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Lockers
  • Margin Account will opened under Current Remunerative category on the basis of Mudarabah
  • Monthly Halal returns on amount placed in Margin account
  • Zakat will be applicable

Note: The margin amount will be returned to the customer on locker surrender only.

Margin Limits

Locker Size Margin Security Deposit Limit (PKR) Locker Rent (USD)
Small Rs. 100,000 2,500
Medium Rs. 125,000 3,000
Large Rs. 150,000 5,000
Extra Large Rs. 225,000 10,000

*Equivalent Foreign currency rates applied in reference with above PKR rates.

*Locker Charges will be waived on maintaining above balances in margin account.

*Charity (late payment) will not be applicable

To apply please visit your nearest Faysal Islami Branch

Lockers Takaful Coverage Limits:

Bank covers the loss of property kept in the lockers up to the following maximum ceilings, based on locker size:

Lockers Size Maximum Takaful Amount
Small Rs. 800,000/-
Medium Rs. 1,200,000/-
Large Rs. 1,500,000/-
Extra Larger Rs. 2,000,000/-

For Islamic Branches Lockers Takaful Terms & Conditions, please click here

  • Faysal Islami Lockers Branches List

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