Faysal Islami Solar Solutions

Faysal Islami Solar Solutions

For your Bright Future

Faysal Islami Solar Financing offers a perfect Shariah compliant solution for your home under the Islamic structure of Diminishing Musharka. Now finance complete Solar Panel system from Faysal Bank on subsidized rates under SBP’s Islamic Refinance Scheme and reduce your monthly electricity expenditures. Through net metering billing mechanism, you can now get credits for providing additional electricity to National Grid that is generated through your solar panel.

Diminishing Musharka: Diminishing Musharakah (DM) is a form of joint ownership in asset or property in which any of the joint owners undertakes/promises to buy the ownership share of the other joint owner(s) gradually until the ownership of the joint asset or property is completely transferred to the purchasing joint owner.

Key Features:

  • Islamic Mode: Diminishing Musharkah
  • Financing: Minimum PKR 100,000 – Maximum up to PKR 3,000,000
  • Tenure: Flexible tenure between 1 to 7 years
  • Profit Rate:  6% per annum (Fixed)
  • Repayments: Fixed & Equal Monthly Installment Plan – Installment start after Asset delivery and installation
  • Allowed Capacity: 4KW to 20KW
  • Non Refundable Processing Fee: PKR 6,000 + FED (Fixed)
  • Equity: Minimum 15% of the Asset amount
  • Takaful Coverage: Takaful coverage from reputable Takaful Companies on FBL Panel
  • Co-Partner: Co-Partner Facility available
  • Brand Partners: Faysal Islami Solar Solutions will be allowed from reputable alternate energy solution providers on Bank’s Panel, which will provide their required services and registered by Alternative Energy Development Board.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: Minimum 21 years Maximum 60 Years
  • Minimum Income Requirement:
    Salaried Individual: PKR 100,000
    Self Employed Individual: 150,000

How to avail this facility:
To apply, please visit our branches or call Contact Center at 021 111 06 06 06 or SMS “ISS” space “City Name” space “CNIC” at 9181


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Our hotline is available 24X7

Tel: 111-06-06-06

Text 9181

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