Financial Inclusion Of Persons With Disabilities (PWDS)

FBL has always endeavored to provide seamless, innovative and simplified services to its customers without any discrimination. Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) including Visually Impaired / Blind Persons normally face severe limitations while accessing financial services offered by financial institutions because of a combination of physical constraints and perceptions about their abilities to handle financial matters.

To make banking easy, convenient and accessible for PWD’s, FBL has enabled selected PWD Model branches Pan Pakistan through the following measures to assist Persons with Disabilities (PWDs);


Infrastructure plays a vital role to empower people with disabilities by making them part of societal and economic development in an inclusive manner helping them to overcome unnecessary barriers. The following measures have been adopted to make the infrastructure accessible for Persons with Disabilities:

  • Designated Model Branches for PWD Customers
  • Availability of Ramps
  • Low Height Adjusted Counters for Wheelchair Users
  • Wheelchair friendly locker area
  • Availability of Sign Language Interpretation Application
  • Accessible Branch Entrance
  • Installation of Talking ATM’s

To promote the financial inclusion of Person with Disabilities (PWDs) and improve financial independence by improving access to banking services, customized stationary has been developed at made available for Person with Disabilities (PWDs) at the Model branches;

  • Braille Account Opening Forms
  • Braille Product Brochures
  • Accessibility Posters in Sign Language

It is essential to provide convenient financial services to people with hearing and speech disabilities, wherever vocal communication is impossible, sign language can be used to bridge the gap and remove communication barriers. Sign language interpretation services including digital / virtual means are available to facilitate the customer in best possible manner in the Model branches.


Considering the special need of PWDs, all front-end staff at FBL PWD Model Branches are trained and well versed for dealing with Person with Disabilities (PWDs) for providing a seamless customer experience.

Please click here for the list of PWD Modified branches.


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