MasterCard® SecureCode™

Enjoy the added confidence of being more protected when you shop online

Faysal Bank we take your online security seriously. That’s why we are please to introduce to you MasterCard® SecureCode™, a new service on your Faysal Bank Credit Card that gives you the confidence to enjoy enhanced security while ensuring you peace of mind during your online purchases. Now you can shop online for an exotic vacation, your favorite book or any special offer, without any worries.

What is MasterCard® SecureCode™?

It is a private code which has added protection against unauthorized use of your Faysal Bank Credit Card when you shop online at any MasterCard® SecureCode™ participating merchant.
How does MasterCard® SecureCode™ work?

Once you have enrolled for your SecureCode™, each time you make an online purchase, a pop-up box will appear automatically asking for your SecureCode™. When you correctly enter your SecureCode™, you confirm being the authorized cardholder and your purchase will only then be completed. It is as simple as entering your PIN at the ATM. If the correct code is not entered, your purchase will be declined.

Always remember to conduct transactions at online merchants that display the MasterCard® SecureCode™ logo. A list of participating merchants can be found at the MasterCard® SecureCode™ website

How can I enroll for SecureCode™?

There are 3 simple ways you may choose to enroll:

1) Visit the Faysal Bank website:
You may visit our website at and click on “Register Now”. Once clicked; you will be directed to the MasterCard® SecureCode™ enrollment website. At the website, you will be required to verify your identity by answering a series of security questions leading to your personal SecureCode™ to be emailed.

2) Enroll while shopping online:
If you have not already created your SecureCode™ and are shopping online at a participating merchant, before you “Check-out” and submit your account number, a window will be displayed which will walk you through the enrollment process.

3) Enroll through Customer Interaction Centre:
You may also call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06 and 111 11 71 71 where our Phone Banking Officers upon your request will issue you a Temporary Access Code. You may then use this code to access the MasterCard® SecureCode™ enrollment website and create your personal SecureCode™.

For further details on MasterCard® SecureCode™, please call our Customer Interaction Centre at 111 06 06 06 and 111 11 71 71.


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