Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking.

Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking provide our customers a robust, scalable and secure platform for their digital banking needs. FBL customers to access banking services on round the clock basis without any geographic limitation, providing a consistent banking experience in accordance with the changing market dynamics and evolution in technology. Furthermore, by the introduction of this channel, Faysal Bank has made banking just a few clicks away on our mobile devices as well as on web without any indulgence of branch visit and call center interaction.

On Premises

Keeping in mind the strict regulations for financial institutions, on premises solution is the way to go. The system is deployed in the banks data center and works in the same way SMS, Email and other communications systems work.


Our state of the art middle-ware is built on the latest technologies with OWASP secure coding practices. FBL’s WhatsApp API is on a PCI-DSS and ISO27001 compliant network and WhatsApp guarantees End-to-End encryption.

WhatsApp Approved

We have acquired this channel vetted and cleared partner which provide WhatsApp API to end clients. Being WhatsApp approved we guarantee our customers a peace of mind that their assets including mobile number and bank account data are handled appropriately.

Highly Scalable

From linking banking services to creating PDF statements, our Banking Middle-ware provides unmatched scalability. We provide our customer a strong tech foundation, on which they can rely for their banking solutions.

Seamless and Convenient Features

Introducing the new WhatsApp Banking Menu to make your journey more convenient & effortless

Menu Number Service Title Sub Menu
Reply 1 for Roshan Digital Account
Account Balance
Account Statement
Apply for RDA Account
Roshan Apni Car
Investment in Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates
Reply 2 for Noor Card Request
Noor Velocity Card
Noor Blaze Card
Nootitanium Card
Noor Platinum Card
Noor World Card
Reply 3 for Discount Offerings
PDF Sent for discount offerings
Reply 4 for Account Balance
Account balance is sent via WhatsApp Message
Reply 5 for Account Statement
1 Month
2 Months
3 Months
Reply 6 for Digimall Services
PDF Sent for digimall offerings
Reply 7 for Apply For Consumer Financing
Faysal Tabeer (Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme)
Reply 8 for Nearest ATM & Branches
Nearest ATMs
Nearest Branches
Reply 9 for Complaints
Branch Banking
Consumer Finance
Corporate Products
Digital Banking
Cash Link
Roshan Digital
Reply 10 for Service Request
Debit Card Activation
WHT Certificate
AMC Certificate
Reply 11 for Digibank Last FPIN/OTP
Last FPIN/OTP is sent via WhatsApp message
Reply 12 for Conversion to Islamic Product
Enter Last 4 edigits of Credit Card

Feature Details:

1. Roshan Digital Account (RDA)

Drop a message to Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking at 0310-1786786 and get all your queries related to RDA answered promptly.

2. Noor Card Request

Always offering convenience!

Now request your Faysal Islami Noor Card simply through WhatsApp.

3. Discount Offers

For the latest discounts and offers on your Faysal Islami Cards, simply subscribe Faysal Islami WhatsApp banking at 0310 1786786.

4. Account Balance

Checking your Account Balance is now just a text away! WhatsApp us to know your current account balance anytime anywhere.

5. Account Statement

Simply WhatsApp us to get E-Statement of your Account instantly!

6. Digital Mall Services

Stay updated with Faysal Digimall offers through Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking.

7. Apply for Consumer Financing

Consumer financing got you overwhelmed?

Make it easy with Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking!

8. Nearest ATM & Branches

Having trouble locating FBL ATMs & Branches?

Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking has got your back! WhatsApp us on 0310-1786786 and locate your nearest ATMs & Branches by simply using location service!

9. Customer Complaints

Customers are welcome to raise any query related to FBL products / services and get quick resolution without any hassle of calling us or visiting our branch simply via WhatsApp

10. Service Request

Receiving FPIN/OTP is not a hassle anymore, get your FPIN/OTP in a blink via Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking!

11. DigiBank Last FPIN/OTP

Receiving FPIN/OTP is not a hassle anymore, get your FPIN/OTP in a blink via Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking!

12. Conversion to Islamic Product

Convert your conventional credit card into Shariah Compliant Islamic Noor Card via Faysal Islami WhatsApp Banking!


Call Us or Text Us

Our hotline is available 24X7

Tel: 111-06-06-06

Text 9181

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