With a wide range of investment products, Faysal Bank under a distribution agreement with Faysal Funds provides investment solutions to diversify your savings into investments and meet your short/medium/long term financial goals.  From providing advisory services to Corporations, Trusts, Institutions, High Net Worth Individuals and Retail Investors to managing your investments by professional fund managers, your financial needs are covered while taking into account your risk profiling.

  • Offering a wide range of investment solutions to cater your financial needs
  • Investment in mutual fund market while offering products as per your risk appetite
  • Providing healthy returns on your investment
  • Options from selecting short to long term wealth creation solutions
  • Investments managed by professional Fund Managers

At Faysal Bank, we offer Shariah Compliant investment options to meet the needs of different investors. Whether you are looking for means to earn against your savings, grow your wealth or have any goal in mind, all of that can be achieved by selecting the right plan for yourself.

An investor can invest in any of the below mentioned investment schemes in accordance with their preference and risk bearing appetite.

Investment Schemes Risk
Money Market / Cash Fund Low
Capital Protected Fund Low
Fixed Income Fund Low – Moderate
Aggressive Fixed Income Fund Low – Moderate
Asset Allocation Fund Moderate
Balanced Fund Moderate
Fund of Funds Moderate
Index Tracker Fund High
Equity Fund High

With having a thorough knowledge about the market and research based mechanism, your money is safe in the hands of professional fund managers to manage your investment while providing you healthier returns.

Some of the top mutual fund offerings are;

  • Faysal Shariah Capital Preservation Plan:

Fund of Fund Scheme with an objective to earn a potentially competitive return through dynamic asset allocation between Islamic income, Islamic equity based Collective Investment Schemes and sharia compliant bank deposits.

  • Aiming to provide 100% capital preservation upon maturity of the plan
  • Proactive management of risk and return, by a professional team of experts
  • Shariah Compliant Riba free investment
  • Exemption from Zakat on submission of Affidavit
  • Capital Growth Opportunity
  • Hassle-free portfolio diversification
  • Tax benefit as per Section 62 of ITO 2001
  • Upto 50% exposure in Shariah Compliant equity based on the market outlook while preserving capital
  • Faysal Islamic Savings Growth Fund:

In line with its investment objectives, funds will be invested in Sukuks, Shariah Compliant Participation Term Certificates, Certificates of Investment, Bank Deposits, Placement of funds under Mudarabah, Murabaha and Musharikah, Istisna’a and Ijara arrangements and any other securities or instruments that may be permitted by the Commission and the Shariah Council.

  • 100% Shariah based Islamic Income Fund.
  • Flexible Income Frequency option (refer to offering document)
  • No minimum holding period of investment
  • Invest with as low as PKR 5,000/-
  • Encashment without any penalty
  • Salaried / Non-salaried Investors can avail tax credit on their investment under section 62 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 – subject to holding of investment for 24 months from investment date
  • Portfolio assets with good credit Quality, having minimum instrument rating of A-
  • Exemption from Zakat on submission of Affidavit

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