Win an iPod Shuffle via ATM

Campaign Details:

There will be 5 lucky draw winners every month.

Monthly prizes include 05 winners will be awarded an Apple iPod Shuffle every month.

One prize per customer will be awarded via lucky draw during the campaign period

Eligibility Criteria

Pay a minimum of Rs. 200/- for bill payment and Rs. 1,000/- for Interbank funds transfer through any Faysal Bank ATM to enter a lucky draw & win an iPod Shuffle. The more you pay your bills and transfer funds in member banks, the more your chances of winning!

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is valid from 15th Sep 2019 till 15th Dec 2019
  • Every successful Bill payment worth minimum Rs 200/- or Rs 1,000/- for IBFT via any Faysal Bank ATM during each lucky draw period will get you one entry in that monthly lucky draw
  • A total of 15 lucky winners will be announced in three months via lucky draw(s); each prize is for individual winner only. One prize per customer will be awarded via lucky draw during the whole campaign period
  • Prize distribution will be done on monthly basis through respective branches
  • Winners will be contacted via phone call as available in Faysal Bank’s record on a best effort basis. Hence all customers are requested to update their contact details wherever required. In case of no contact with the winner(s) by 31st Dec 2019, the prize will be cancelled
  • The prizes are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash
  • Actual prize or product models may vary from the picture
  • Once a customer has won the prize, he/she cannot enter in subsequent lucky draw(s) again during this campaign period
  • Prize will be handed over to customer upon customer verification. Upon receiving the prize from branch, customer will provide written confirmation by signing the receipt available at the branch
  • Faysal Bank will not be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the customer arising out of the use of the products offered in the promotion
  • The prizes do not include product/merchant/manufacturer warranties. And Faysal Bank will not be responsible or liable to provide or arrange for product warranty for the prizes
  • Faysal Bank Debit Card should be or become active during the campaign period and also at the time of lucky draw. Any account blocked or inactive due to any reason on the date of the lucky draw will not be entitled to participate in the lucky draw promotion
  • Supplementary Debit Card holders are also eligible for this campaign. However, the prize will be given to the primary card holder
  • Faysal Bank Debit Card Terms and Conditions apply
  • Bank’s decision will be final and binding in every respect
  • For further details, please call our Contact Centre at (021) 111 06 06 06


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