Start your Journey with peace of mind with Faysal Priority Banking, whether you’re traveling for business or leisure we have got you covered with Free Travel Coverage.

Free Travel Coverage is designed to offer you protection during your International travels, including coverage for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, baggage loss and much more for you to experience the World worry-free


Criteria Plans Coverage
3 Months Average Balance
PKR 3 Mn – 5 Mn
Individual Plan – 7 or 14 Days 25,000 USD
Family Plan – 7 or 14 Days 25,000 USD
3 Months Average Balance
PKR 5 Mn and Above
Individual Plan – 7 or 14 Days 50,000 USD
Family Plan – 7 or 14 Days 50,000 USD
  • Eligible customer: Individual Priority Account Holders
  • Maximum Age Limit : 75 Years
  • Valid Passport and Valid CNIC
  • Family Eligibility : Valid for only Spouse and 2 children (under 18 Years)
  • Coverage can be provided for a maximum of 14 days per annum

Enrollment Process
Call now at our 24/7 Priority Contact Center at (021) 111 11 71 71 and place your Free Travel Coverage request, the request will be processed and with-in 24 hours and a confirmation Email\SMS will be received to you by TPL Insurance Limited – WTO

Coverages Benefit Table As per below:

Section A: Medical and Other Expenses Gold Silver
1 Medical Expenses & Hospitalization Abroad including OPD $ 50,000 $ 25,000
2 Emergency Dental Care (Excess of USD 60 applies) $ 300 $ 250
3 Deductible on Medical expenses (**EEL) $ 100 $ 100
4 Travel and Stay Over of One Immediate Family Member (Maximum 10 days) $ 100 Per Day $ 100 Per Day
5 Return of Dependent Children Actual Actual
6 Accidental Death & Permanent total Disability*** $ 15,000 $ 10,000
7 COVID 19 sub-limit $ 2,000 $ 1,000
8 Out-patient treatment sub limit* $ 300 $ 300
9 Repatriation of Mortal Remains $ 400 $ 300
10 In- flight Loss of Checked-in Baggage $ 500 $ 400
11 Baggage Delayed (Exceed 8 Hrs.) $ 50 $ 50
12 Loss of Passport $ 200 $ 150
13 Emergency Evacuation $ 2,000 $ 1,500
14 Hijacking (Maximum 7 Days) $ 60 Per Day $50 Per Day
15 Kidnapping & Ransom consultant $ 1,000 $ 1,000
16 Emergency return home of Insured $ 500 $ 300
17 Delayed Departure $ 250 $ 200
18 Trip Cancellation $ 75 $ 50
19 Connection Services Include Include
20 Delivery of Medicines $ 100 $ 100

* Provided that the same is critical and cannot be deferred till the Participant’s return to Pakistan
** Each and Every Loss
***50% of accidental death and permanent total disability limit for the spouse and 25% of the same for children

Claim Process
In case of Hospitalization during travel, you can call Across Asia Assist Indonesia (AAAI) at +6221 2927 9638 they can assist you in accessing panel hospital services and claims which are not settled directly, will need to be submitted to TPL Insurance, You can do this by either emailing the necessary documents to their claims department or sending the documents by Postal address :

TPL Insurance Address: 19-B, Block B, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi
TPL Insurance Email Address: [email protected]
TPL Insurance UAN: (021) 111-000-301

Standard List of Claim Documents

  • Copy of Valid CNIC/Passport Copy
  • Copy of Hospital Discharge Summary (Incase medical treatment)
  • Copy Complete Medical Records along with bills (Incase medical treatment)
  • Filled Claim Form
  • Copy of Airline Ticket

For Escalation of Reimbursement claims
You can call us at 24/7 Priority Contact Center at (021) 111 11 71 71 or email at [email protected]

Travel Coverage Participant Membership Document (PMD)
For exclusions and complete terms and conditions related to Travel Coverage, kindly review PMD

Tax Returns / Advisory Services
Faysal Priority Banking customers can enjoy Free Tax Returns / Advisory Services. This is a unique service being offered exclusively to our Faysal Priority Banking customers in collaboration with our certified partner BDO Ebrahim & Co.

  • Annual income tax filing services
  • Assistance in making payment of the tax due with the return
  • Two tax consultancy sessions for each client in a tax year

Eligibility Criteria:

Type Deposit Threshold (Pak Rupees or equivalent in foreign currency)
Checking Accounts PKR 20MN
Term Deposits PKR 20MN

All individual customers maintaining the above eligibility criteria will be eligible to avail Tax Returns / Advisory Services.

Note: This offer is applicable for accountholders of Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad.

Schedule An Appointment now:
To schedule an appointment, call 021-35683030 Or Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum account balance limit to be maintained to avail this coverage?
Ans: The minimum account balance should be PKR 3 Million or above

Please confirm can I get the coverage for myself only or can I also get it for my Family?
Ans: Yes, customer can get the coverage for yourself and your family (Spouse and 2 Kids Under 18 Years)

What is the minimum and maximum age at entry for this scheme?
And: The maximum age limit is 75 years.

What should I do in case of any Claim?
Ans: In case of any claim \ assistance required during traveling, customer can contact Across Asia Assistance (AAI). Their contact numbers are mentioned in the Takaful Documents, Cases in which claim is required to be reimbursed then client will submit all required documents directly to TPL for claim settlement

How can customer contact Across Asia Assistance (AAI)?
Ans: Customer can contact them at +6221 2927 9638 for emergency hospitalization

How will I know that my Travel Coverage has been booked?
Ans: Customer will get a confirmation Email \ SMS from TPL Insurance Ltd – WTO

Disclaimer: This is not a Faysal bank’s Product. Faysal bank arranges this Travel coverage with the collaboration of TPL Insurance Limited – Window Takaful Operations free of charge for Faysal Bank Priority Customers.

For more information in regard to Free Travel Coverage, please contact our Priority Contact Center (021) 111 11 71 71

Terms & Conditions