Who can avail financing from FBL?

Sole proprietors, partnership firms (registered & un-registered) and all other legal entities

What is the minimum length of experience required in the same line of business?

Preferably Three years, however new entitles are considered on case to case basis.

How is the loan entitlement calculated?

Loan entitlement is calculated on the basis of financials & nature of business and varies from case to case basis.

Are financial statements of my business required to avail Finance Facility?

Yes they are a mandatory requirement.

Can I simultaneously avail more than one financing facilities at same point in time?

Yes, you can avail more than one facility at the same point in time.

How long is the processing time?

Maximum 15 days for SEs and Maximum 25 days for MEs are required for processing from the date of receipt of the complete facility application form along with required documentation.

What are the minimum documents required for submission of application?

Loan Application Forms, Basic Borrower Fact Sheet, Last 3 Years Financials, Property Documents (In case landed collateral offered as security).

What will I be charged?

Pricing is agreed mutually between both parties and shall be linked to KIBOR, i.e. bank shall charge respective KIBOR + spread. Pricing shall be repriced according to frequency of mark-up charged, i.e. if mark-up is charged every 3 months, repricing shall take place very three months.

For submission of application, where should I visit?

Visit any nearest branch.


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Branch - Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd. Plant Site EZ/I/P-II-I Eastern Zone, Bin Qasim

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