About Us

Brief History

Faysal Bank was incorporated in 1994 with the sole aim of helping people and businesses grow financially. Fully equipped with the skills and professionalism, we are not just a bank, but an integral partner in our customer’s journey towards economic and financial excellence.

We emerged in the banking industry with a competent backing of highly qualified leadership and professional excellence of our parent company, Ithmaar Bank – a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank that provides retail, commercial, treasury, financial and other banking services.

Faysal Bank-Islamic

Faysal Bank launched its first dedicated Islamic Branch in August 2009. Within 10 years, Faysal Islamic Banking grew to be the largest Islamic branch network of a conventional bank in Pakistan, having 400 plus dedicated Islamic Banking branches amongst a network of 550 plus branches.

Our Islamic banking practices are well-researched, under State Bank of Pakistan regulations and Shariah principles.

Islamic Products and Services

We strongly believe that the best way to serve our customers is by offering them products and services that are designed to truly fulfill their needs while also promising adherence to the principles of Shariah & the guidelines provided by the Shariah Board. Whether its personal banking or corporate solution for complex financial needs, the unique diversity of our Islamic products & services are able to cater to all types of customers – Individuals, Institutions, Corporate, Trusts, Consumer and SME.

Our commercial offerings benefit the industry requirements with products that operate on Shariah compliant modes of financing such as: Murabaha, Ijarah, Istisna, Musharaka.

Faysal Islamic Banking, has one of the most comprehensive Islamic deposit product menu in the market, for customers looking for multiple and flexible investment certificates, saving and/or checking account options, both in local and foreign currencies. Our Islamic deposit products are based on Qard, Mudarabah and Musharakah.

We have a host of Banca takaful solutions to cover one’s need for saving, retirement, child education, health and marriage.

Shariah Compliance

We are supervised by a Shariah Board, comprising of renowned Shariah Scholars, who oversee and issue guidelines on all Islamic Banking products and services. Our Shariah Board comprises of well-recognized Shariah scholars who are qualified from renowned seminaries of Pakistan, including the esteemed Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi.

We also have a dedicated and independent Shariah Compliance Department (SCD) to ensure that all Islamic Banking activities, transactions and operations are carried out under the approved guidelines of the Shariah Board.

Furthermore, our Internal Shariah Audit function ensures no activity contradicts with the principles of Shariah.

A Shariah Certificate (Fatwa) for all Islamic Banking Products is issued by the Shariah Board, which is available in all our Islamic Banking branches and is uploaded on our website for customer reference.

We at Faysal Islamic Banking strive to ensure our customers get the best of what they deserve by providing new & innovative Shariah compliant financial solutions at all times.


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