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A Reason to Believe with Faysal Islami Noor

Welcome to the Faysal Islami Noor family.

Faysal Islami Noor Card is Pakistan’s first Islamic Card based on the Islamic Principle of Tawarruq and is a fully Shariah Compliant Card with all the features and benefits to suit your card needs.

Faysal Islami Noor gives you the peace of mind & satisfaction on using Shariah Compliant Card which is accepted at over 15,000 merchant establishments in Pakistan and at over 24 million locations in 210 countries around the world.

We are offering wide range of cards to oblige the different requirements of our eminent customers. i.e.

  • Velocity & Blaze, entry level financial tools to build engagement & replace cash
  • Titanium, Platinum & World, fully loaded platform with rich benefits, targets the Premium Affluent and it is designed to ensure matchless services and discount offers every time you travel, shop, and dine out.

Features & Benefits

  • Faysal Bank Flavours & Lifestyles: Avail up to 50% discount! Choose from hundreds of discount offers throughout Pakistan across dining establishments, attractions and more when paying with Faysal Islami Noor Card
  • Rewards Program
  1. Eternal Rewards: Faysal Islami Noor Card offers Eternal Rewards that work on the principle of spend & charity/donation. Redeem your reward points earned on your spend and allow Faysal Bank to pay to any charitable organization on your behalf as charity/donation
  2. Smile (Reward) Points – Instant Redemption: Simply redeem your accumulated reward points at over 300 redemption partner outlets nationwide
  3. 3x Reward Points at Select MerchantsFaysal Islami Noor Card also offers distinctive 3x reward points at selected merchants which includes charitable and social service organizations
  • PIP Plans at 0% Installment: Convert your purchases into affordable and easy installments of 3 to 60 months at profit rate of 2% per month. You can also book your first high end product through our alliance partners at 0% profit rate and no processing fee
  • Cash Withdrawal: There is NO upfront fee and NO daily profit on cash withdrawal through Faysal Islami Noor Card
  • Faysal Bank – DigiMall: An online shopping platform that enables you to choose from a wide range of products/services available at the best prices
  • Chip & PIN Cards: Now enjoy more security and peace of mind across the globe with your Faysal Islami Noor Card
  • 3D Secure Service: Enjoy enhanced security while ensuring your peace of mind when making online purchases
  • Contactless: Shop conveniently with your Faysal Islami Noor Card using contactless payments with just a tap on POS machine
  • Mastercard international offers: Choose from hundreds of complimentary offers throughout Middle East & Africa from Mastercard
  • Airport Lounge Access: Unlimited complimentary lounge access to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Peshawar Airport as well as International Airport Lounges around the World
  • FundTransfer/PO/Dial a Draft: Flexibility to manage your payments through pay order and fund transfer facilities

Value added Services

SMS Alerts: SMS Alerts allow you to keep track of all transactions as and when they are conducted on your Faysal Islami Noor Card. This facility also ensures a high level of transaction security and fraud reduction on your basic as well as supplementary card

You will receive SMS Alerts on all your Retail & Digital Transactions for free

E-Statements: You can keep track of your Faysal Islami Noor Card statements by registering for the e-Statement facility. Simply call 021 111 06 06 06, provide your preferred e-mail address and start receiving your monthly e-Statements.

Supplementary Cards

With Faysal Islami Noor Card, you can give up to 5 Supplementary Cards to your loved

ones aged 14 years and above. Features are as follows:

  • Supplementary Cards share your basic card limit but carry separate card numbers
  • You can assign specific percentages / amounts of your card limit to the Supplementary Cards
  • All transactions conducted by Supplementary Cardholders will be the liability of the Primary Cardholder
  • In case of loss or theft, only the affected Card needs to be replaced
  • All charges incurred on all Islami Cards are reported on the monthly statement of the Primary Cardholder

You can use your Faysal Islami Noor Card for carrying out transactions at POS terminals, ecommerce merchants and any other ADC (Alternative Delivery Channels) in Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan. To activate your cross border transaction please call Contact Centre at 021 111 06 06 06

Takaful Privileges

Taking care of you is our priority. We offer a spectacular range of Takaful products tailored

to protect you through any unforeseen events. For Takaful product details please visit our website or call on our Contact Centre at 021 111 06 06 06

Auto Debit

As a Faysal Bank account holder your Faysal Islami Noor Card full and minimum payments can be deducted directly from your Faysal Bank account giving you the peace of mind that we will take care of your payments.

  • To view or download Faysal Islami Noor Card Fatwa please click here

For details on features & benefits, please call our Contact Centre at 021 111 06 06 06.








      1. What is Faysal Islami Noor Card?

Faysal Islami Noor Card is Pakistan’s first fully Shariah Compliant alternative to conventional credit cards based on the principal of Tawarruq.

      1. How is Faysal Islami Noor Card Shariah Compliant?

Faysal Islami Noor Card is based on the Islamic Principle of Tawarruq which is an arrangement in which one party sells a commodity to the other party on deferred payment at cost plus profit. The other party, namely, the buyer, then sells the commodity to a third party on cash with a purpose of having access to liquidity..

      1. How does Faysal Islami Noor Card work?
      • When you apply for Faysal Islami Noor Card, you agree to enter into Musawamah Agreement with the Bank to purchase assets (i.e. Islamic Mutual Funds Units) at a deferred payment on agreed price (Musawamah Price) executed through the Musawamah contract whereby the transfer of ownership (sale) takes place.
      • Once the Assets come under your ownership, you instruct the agent to whom you appoint at the time of signing of application to sell the Assets to third party (Mutual fund Company) on your behalf and deposit the sale proceeds (funds) in your Mudarabah based account maintained with Faysal Bank Islami to utilize later in the form of card limit.
      • Transactions you conduct on your card reflect a debit to your card account and will be communicated to you through monthly statement of account which you require to pay within the payment required date in order to avail back the full limit in your card account.
      • If you pay the Minimum Payment Amount or any amount less than the Total Required Amount by the Payment Required date, the Bank will demand accrued profit as per the Musawamah agreement which will be communicated to you through statement of Account
      1. What is a Muswamah?

Musawamah is a general kind of sale in which price of the commodity to be traded is stipulated between seller and the buyer without any reference to the price paid or cost incurred by the former.

      1. How is the profit charging mechanism under the Islami Noor Card Shariah Compliant?

Technically the bank earns profit on sale of asset (Islamic mutual funds) to customer at agreed sale price as per the Musawamah contract which is permissible and a Shariah compliant mode to earn profit.

      1. Is Faysal Islami Noor Card the same as charge card?

Faysal Islami Noor Card is NOT the same as charge card. The card allows you to pay a minimum monthly amount of the required amount or partial amount as opposed to charge card where full amount is payable on payment required date.

      1. What are the benefits and features of Faysal Bank Islami Noor Card?
      • Islamic Noor card is a fully Shariah Complaint Card and is approved by Shariah Board of FBL and provides an alternative to Interest based credit cards
      • Rewards / Loyalty Points
        • Eternal Rewards: spend and Donate/Charity
        • Smile Points: Instant Reward Redemption where rewards points can be redeemed on selective merchant / partner outlets against retail purchases including Charitable Organizations for charity / donations
      • 3x Reward Points on spend for Charities and Donations
      • Installment Plans Offers with NO pre-payment /early settlement charges
      • Dial a draft/Pay Order Facility /IBFT
      • Cash Advance Facility – Local & Global: 24 hours cash withdrawal facility through ATMs
      • Exciting Discounts at value-added merchants & different promotional/tactical offers with up to 40% discount
      • Airport Lounge facilities at select cards
      • Profit free grace period (from 19 to 55 days)
      • Minimum Payment Option
      • Global acceptability
      • Utility Bill Payments
      • Value Added Services
      • Faysal Digibank to view card transactions, payments and billing details
      • E-Statements
      • SMS alerts to keep a tab on card transactions Takaful coverage
      • Auto Debit Facility
      • Supplementary Cards
      • Range of Takaful benefits
      • Limit Enhancement Facility
      • Mastercard Halal Offers for Travel, Accommodation and Dine-in Restaurants
      1. What is the eligibility criteria to apply for Faysal Islami Noor Card?

Basic Card Holder

Min 18 years old – Max 70 years old

Limit From PKR 50,000 – PKR 3,000,000
Income Requirement

Salaried: PKR 30,000

Self-Employed businessman/

Professionals: PKR 100,000


        1. What are the documents required to apply for Faysal Islami Noor Card?
        • Application Form
        • Copy of CNIC
        • Key Fact Sheet (KFS)
        • Salary Slip / Proof of Business

    Bank Statement

For details on features & benefits, please call our Contact Centre at 021 111 06 06 06.


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