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Faysal Bank introduces SMS Alerts, a service that enables you to keep track of your transactions. Now you can receive real-time SMS updates for transactions conducted on your account to stay on top of your finances with confidence.

Benefits and Features

  • Receive real-time SMS Alerts for all transactions being conducted on your Faysal Islamic Debit card, Islamic Current / Saving accounts.
  • Keep track of all your POS, ATM, in-branch and supplementary Card transactions as and when they are conducted.
  • Ensure a high level of transaction security on your account.

You can also benefit from the list of transactions below

  • ATM
  • Faysal Islamic Debit Card
  • Cheque Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Cheque Return
  • Bill Payments
  • Stop Payment

How to subscribe to SMS Alerts?

  • Simply call* our Contact Centre at 111 06 06 06 to activate SMS Alerts on all your Faysal Islamic Banking related accounts.
  • *Customer has to call from a registered number.
  • Policy: Any active Faysal Islamic Banking Current / Saving account holder can register for this service.


  • Unless the context requires otherwise, the following words and phrases shall have the respective meaning ascribed hereto:
  • “Card Holder” means any individual who have an active Faysal Islamic Union Pay Debit Card or Faysal Islamic Pocketmate VISA Debit Card.
  • “Access” means the use of the network for the purpose of providing SMS based access to account information to the customers.
  • “Alert” means the information provided by the Bank to the customer relating to the account information and product information through the network based on SMS messages sent to the customer generated by the Bank and / or sent to the customer by the Bank at the specific request of the customer.
  • “Account” means a specific account or more than one account which is linked to the network at the request of the customer thereby enabling the customer to utilize the services.
  • “Account information” means information pertaining to the account(s) maintained by the customer with the Bank.
  • “Bank” means Faysal Bank Limited acting through its  Faysal Islamic Banking.
  • “Telco” means the cellular phone company which has entered into agreement with the Bank for the purposes of providing mobile phone banking facilities to the customers.
  • “Customer” means any individual who maintains a Bank account with the Bank and is a subscriber of services offered by the Telco card holder.
  • “Network” means access to the services over the GSM / TDMA cellular telephone network of the Telco.
  • “Product Information” means the information pertaining to various Islamic products of the Bank provided to the customer from time to time at the Bank’s discretion.
  • “Services” means the SMS-based information services provided to the customers through the network.
  • “SMS” means short messaging service which includes the storage, routing and delivery of alphanumeric messages over GSM / TDMA telecommunications system.
  • SMS Alerts FAQs

Terms and Conditions

  • The customer hereby subscribes to the SMS Alert facility of the Bank whereby the card holder shall receive Short Messaging Service (“SMS”) Alerts on the customer’s mobile phone number in the form of customised messages. The customer shall not be able to undertake any transaction through the SMS Alert facility. The SMS Alerts shall only be sent to the mobile phone number which has been specifically provided by the customer for the purposes of this clause.
  • Such SMS Alerts will be available to the customer only if the customer is within the cellular service range of the particular cellular service provider of the customer.
  • If the customer suspects that there is an error in the information contained in the SMS Alert sent to him, he / she shall inform the same to the Bank as soon as possible and the Bank shall endeavor to correct the error wherever possible on a best effort basis.
  • The customer agrees that the SMS Alert facility provided to the customer is an additional facility for his / her convenience and is susceptible to delay, error, omission and / or inaccuracy. The customer shall not hold the Bank liable for any loss, damages etc., that may be incurred / suffered by the card holder on account of the SMS Alert facility.
  • The Bank shall not be liable for any unauthorized use / access to the information and / or SMS Alert sent by the Bank to the mobile phone number of the customer or for fraudulent duplicate or erroneous use / misuse of such information by any third person.
  • Notwithstanding the above, it is clarified that even though the customer has hereby subscribed to the SMS Alert facility, the Bank is under no obligation to send SMS Alerts to the card holders. Furthermore, the Bank reserves the right to send the SMS alerts to only those customers who are availing the services of a specific cellular service provider.
  • The Customer hereby authorizes the Bank to send Islamic promotional messages including the Islamic banking products of the Bank, greetings or any other messages the Bank may choose to send from time to time.
  • The Customer agrees, unconditionally and irrevocably, that such messages / calls made by the Bank or its agents will not be considered as a breach of privacy.
  • The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the services being provided are dependent on the infrastructure, connectivity and services being provided by the Telcos within and outside the country and that the timelines and accuracy of the information sent by the Bank will depend on factors affecting the Network within and outside the country. The Bank shall not under any circumstances whatsoever, be liable for non-delivery or delayed delivery of information nor for error, loss or distortion in transmission of information to the Customer.
  • The Bank will not be held responsible for any failure or delay on the part of the Telco to reload prepaid airtime of the Customer nor will the Bank be concerned with or held responsible for the suspension or permanent / temporary blocking of airtime allocated to Customers utilizing post paid airtime from the Telco. Customer complaints against the Telco will be addressed directly by and between the Customer and the respective Telco.
  • The services being provided by the Bank in relation to Mobile Phone Banking facility may be temporarily suspended at anytime for the purpose of carrying out repair and maintenance work in respect thereof, such suspension may also be carried out with respect of any security procedure required to be followed by the Bank.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the services of the Bank will be implemented in different phases and that the Bank may decide to add certain facilities in addition to the services already provided. Conversely, the Bank may in its absolute discretion decide to cancel or remove any part of or the entire services being provided to the Customer at any time without prior notice in respect thereof.
  • The services being offered by the Bank shall be subject to charges as provided in the Faysal Islamic Schedule of Charges (SOC) of the Bank, which may be revised from time to time and communicated through revised / latest SOC. Further, the Customer shall be liable for payment of aforementioned services and / or such airtime or other charges which may be levied by the Telco or the Bank in connection with receiving the Alerts. In the event that the Customer is required to make any payment in connection with the use of the services, the Bank shall have the right to debit the Customer’s account(s) with the Bank. However, in case neither the Customer pays the charges nor sufficient balance available in his / her account, the Bank reserves the right to suspend the services without any prior notice.

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