Faysal Takmeel

Ab dil ki kyun taalain!

Live a life of upgraded luxury with Faysal Takmeel, a Shariah compliant facility through Musawamah financing.


Live a life of upgraded luxury with Faysal Takmeel, a Shariah compliant facility through Musawamah financing. Choose the best in consumer durable goods such as home appliances, room décor, air conditioners, TVs, laptops, motorcycles and others through easy, fixed monthly installments and change the way you live, today!

Key Features

  • Minimum and Maximum facility size: PKR 25,000 – Up to PKR 2,000,000
  • Tenure: 12 months to 36 months
  • Product Pricing: The total selling price of assets will be charged. Once the price is set, the selling price will not be allowed to change during the agreed tenor.
  • Prepayment penalty: No prepayment penalty charged.
  • Processing Fee: Rs. 4,000/- + FED
  • Charity (Late Payment Charges): None

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicant’s Age
  • Minimum: 18 years
  • Maximum: 70 years*

*70 years at the time of maturity of financing

Minimum Income Requirements
  • Salaried: Minimum PKR 50,000
  • Businessmen: Minimum PKR 100,000
  • Self-employed: Minimum PKR 100,000

* Terms and Conditions apply

or visit your nearest Faysal Bank branch, call us at (021) 111 06 06 06 or SMS
“MLF” space “City Name” space “CNIC” at 9181

Images used are for promotional purposes only, actual product offering may differ / Delivery of the products will be subject to the availability of stock /
Product prices may change without any prior notice.

Product Categories Available

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Home Appliances






Power Products





How can I apply for the Faysal Takmeel Financing?

To apply, please visit our branches or call Contact Center at 021 111 06 06 06 or SMS “MLF” space “City Name” space “CNIC” at 9181

You may choose products from a bouquet of leading brands. Visit our website to explore our product portfolio and apply for the product.

How much limit can be assigned to me if I apply for Faysal Takmeel Financing?

You can avail a facility amount from minimum PKR 25,000/- to PKR 500,000 (Up to PK 2 Million subject to income and DBR.

What profit rate option do I have on Faysal Takmeel Financing?

You can avail only fixed profit rate option. Installment amount will remain the same during the entire facility tenor.

Can I repay my total outstanding of the facility in one go?

Yes, facility can be paid off in one go. However, profit will be paid.

Are there any early payment charges on early pay-off of Faysal Takmeel Financing?

No, there are no early payment charges on early pay-off. However, profit will be paid.

Is there any processing fee applicable on Faysal Takmeel Financing?

Processing Fee of Rs. 4,000/- + FED is applicable.

What is the tenure of the Faysal Takmeel financing?

Minimum 12 months to Maximum 36 months

How can I make the repayment of the facility?

Following options are available for the repayment of the facility;

  • You can deposit funds into the designated linked account
  • Make over the counter payment by walking in the Branch
  • Dropping a cheque in Drop Box
  • Via Funds transfer if you have an account in FBL
  • You can repay the installment via Faysal Digibank app or via internet banking

Can you repay facility before the maturity?

You can repay the outstanding facility amount before maturity by depositing funds into your specified repayment account along with facility closure request and hand it over to our Asset Help Desk Officer in designated branches or by calling our Contact Center at 021 111 06 06 06 for further assistance.

Failure to submit the facility closure request, funds will remain in the account and will not be used to close/ settle the account.

Can I apply for more than one product under the same application? Yes, you can apply for more than one product under the same application.

Can I collect the product myself or will the vendor deliver it to me?

Yes, you can opt for one of the following options:

  • Delivery at the doorstep of your correspondence address mentioned in the application
  • Self-pickup from the FBL approved partners.

When will the product be delivered to me?

The product will be delivered within 7 working days after facility approval.

Note: Delivery/ Pick up time may vary in pre-booking and made to order products.

How will I know my monthly installments?

You will receive the Repayment Schedule in a Welcome Pack after the approval of the facility.

What will be my monthly payment due date?

There are two options for the monthly installment payments i.e. 2nd or 15th of the month. You can select one of these options in the application form.

Where can I lodge my complaint?

You can avail one of the following options to lodge your complaint:

  • Visit the branch and submit a written complaint
  • Use the complain box placed in the branches
  • Call at our contact center at 021 111 06 06 06
  • Send an email at [email protected]

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