Faysal Digibank Virtual Card

Now you can shop safely online with the Faysal Digibank Pre-Paid Virtual Card.

Now you can shop online worldwide without using or exposing your physical debit or credit card numbers.

Enjoy greater control over your online shopping experience

Note: The Faysal Digibank Virtual Card is only available for Faysal Bank customers. Not a customer yet? Click here to apply?

I want to apply to the Faysal Bank Virtual Card.

Generate Your Virtual Card:

Step 1: Log on to Faysal Digibank Internet Banking at https://digi.faysalbank.com/.

Step 2: select from one-time usage or reloadable card types.

Your new Virtual Card’s details including the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and the card verification code will be visible on Internet Banking immediately.

No waiting for a card to arrive in the post, no separate PIN and no activation period. It’s available instantly.

Note: The Virtual Card is a card number that can only be used for Internet shopping. It does not exist in physical card form for security reasons.

Step 3: Use the funds in your Faysal Bank Account to top up the card.

You’re ready to shop online.
Simply enter your virtual card numbers, just as you would enter your real numbers.

The Faysal Digibank Virtual Card works on any website where MasterCard® is accepted.

Just some of the ways you can use your secure virtual card:

  • Online payment for international certifications like ACCA, ICMAP, SAT, Toefl, IELTS, or university abroad, etc.
  • Shop online at eCommerce website like Daraz, YayVo, AliExpress, etc.
  • Buy music at iTunes, Google music, Amazon Mp3, Napster, etc.
  • Purchase from Google Playstore, Apple store, etc.
  • Make payments at Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.
  • And much more.

Logon to Faysal Digibank Internet Banking at https://digi.faysalbank.com/ to generate your virtual card.

Set your card’s limit based on the purchases you intend to do, and reset it after you have finished shopping.

Lock or unlock your virtual card numbers anytime without affecting your other spending.

Instant Card Creation. No Wait. No Forms. No Queues. Start spending immediately.

Set your own limits.

Complete peace of mind as your real card numbers are never exposed online.

Control your budget: only spend your card’s balance. Add funds whenever you want.

Virtual Card Types:

Choose from a (one-time usage) Burner Virtual Card or a Reloadable Virtual Card.

Virtual Card Types Card Limit (PKR) Card Expiry Time Period
Burner Virtual Card
(One Time Usage)
3,000 After one usage
(Maximum 6 months)
Reloadable Virtual Card 3,000 6 months

For Reloadable Virtual Cards:

  • Number of Daily Transactions: 10
  • Number of Monthly Transactions: 100

Fee & Charges

  • Virtual Card Issuance Fee (One Time):
Virtual Card Type Card Limit (PKR) Card Issuance Fee (PKR)
Burner Virtual Card
(One Time Usage)
3,000 100
5,000 150
20,000 250
50,000 350
100,000 450
Reloadable Virtual Card 3,000 100
5,000 150
20,000 250
50,000 350
100,000 400
  • Virtual Card Reload Fee: FREE
  • Local Currency Transaction Fee: FREE
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee: Up to 3.5% of the transaction amount including cross border transaction fee as per MasterCard

Above mentioned charges are exclusive of taxes

These fee and charges may be revised by the Bank from time to time (semi-annually). For updated charges please refer to the Faysal Bank’s prevailing Schedule of Charges available on our official website at https://www.faysalbank.com/en/schedule-of-charges-conventional/

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