Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the Home Finance products that are being offered in Faysal?

  • Home Buyer – Buying a constructed property
  • Home Lender – Taking a loan against your present home, for renovation
  • Home Re-Finance – Switch your existing home loan to Faysal Bank
  • Home Builder & Plot + Construction – Construct your own Home

What is the maximum and minimum loan amounts that are being offered for Home Finance?

The maximum loan amount that is being offered for Home Finance is PKR 50 Million for Home Buyer, and minimum is PKR 500K.

What is the loan Tenure for Home Finance?

The loan tenure is from 1 to 20 years for all the products

What is the qualifying age criterion for Home Finance?

You should be between 21 to 65 years old.

Who is eligible to be a co-borrower?

Co-borrower can be your spouse, parent or child, from 21 years to 70 years.

In which cities is Home Finance being offered in Pakistan?

Home Finance is being offered in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi only.

What are the number of enhancements allowed during the year?

Maximum 3 Enhancements allowed during the tenor of the loan

Is Property insurance a mandatory requirement?

Yes. Its mandatory 0.05% on per million

How much should I be earning in order to qualify for the Home Loan facility?


  • For permanent employees of A & B List companies & GOP Minimum PKR 40,000 Gross Income per month
  • For Contractual employees of A & B List companies Minimum PKR 75,000 Gross Income per month
  • For permanent employees of C & Unapproved List companies Minimum PKR 150,000 Gross Income per month
  • SEP / SEB: Minimum income PKR 200,000
    NRP: Income per month should be more than PKR 250,000: or equivalent to the corresponding / residence country.

What is the amount of processing fees that I have to pay?

It’s PKR 5,800/-

Will Faysal Bank refund my processing fee?

Processing fees is non refundable

How do I make my monthly repayment?

Direct debit from your current account.